Saturday, April 20, 2013

My crazy boys....and a quiet night.

So, as I shared earlier, winter is lingering.... Yet my boys--16yo, 10yo and the hubby--are at a scouting campout this weekend. Yes, camping. In the snow. IN TENTS! CRAZY!!! While I admire their...adventurous spirits, I'm quite happy to be here at home, inside, where it's warm and dry. 

I'm hoping all the layers of clothes and many blankets and sleeping bags are keeping them sufficiently warm. *worried mama frown here*

With them off, it was just the girls (14yo and 12 yo) here for the weekend. Then, the 12yo decided to go have a sleepover with my niece, who is 4. She wanted her big cousin to come have a sleepover before their family left on their big trip out of the country, and my girl was more than happy to oblige. She is really fantastic with kids--opting to spend her spring breaks with aunts and uncles helping care for kids--and it's so much fun to see what a nurturer she is. So, off she went. I know for a fact they are having tons of fun, including dress up and hair styling, because they FaceTimed me a bit ago to see how I was doing and to tell me about their night so far. :-) 

Now, it's just me and my older daughter. And we're both on computers writing. So it's oddly quiet here at Chez Jarman. I plan on taking full advantage and getting a lot done. :-)


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