Saturday, March 10, 2012

On Deadline and Pulling My Hair Out

I'm taking a quick break from the current book I'm trying to wrap up to pop on and say hey. :)

It never fails that when I'm on a deadline that's when anything that could arise in life will. This time around isn't as bad as the last time--when I was sick. That really stunk especially when added to all the other stuff that will inevitably come up. What could be so important to pull me away from work, you ask?

Sometimes it's tasks for the day job that just have to be done, period. No getting around that. But, mostly family stuff, I'll admit. It'll be a kid (or more than one) needing help with homework, a family obligation I (probably) forgot about that can't be avoided, etc. Mostly it's my guilt--that I'm not spending as much time with family as I'd like when I get close to deadline. And it's my own fault.

I desperately need to find a balance and some semblance of organization in my life. And I think I need to accept that I'm only one person and can't possibly do it all. LOL

It's times like this that I wish I had a dedicated office space--which in our current home isn't an option at the moment. Usually it isn't an issue, and I like the flexibility of writing wherever I want in the house, but right now, I'd love a space that was solely mine where I could close the door and lock it. LOL
Or I'd GLADLY accept it if I were writing here. . .
Or here. See I'm not picky or anything!

All right, time to jump back into it. Especially since we are losing an hour with Daylight's Savings. I really don't like Spring Forward. :(  Hope everyone is having a fab weekend!


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