Monday, March 12, 2012

A Musical Kind of Day

Yesterday the kids had me cracking up. I tried to hide it 'cause I was working and I didn't want to encourage them. LOL

Now, we have some pretty musically inclined kids. Between the four, we have a violin player, a viola player, a cello player, a clarinet player, 2 piano players, a guitar player, and they all sing. Needless to say, there is usually music happening in Chez Jarman. I'll admit here and now that they didn't get their musical talents from me. I appreciate music - A LOT - but I can't play anything and I can't carry a tune.

As music lovers, the whole family enjoys when shows do a musical episode - or has an original song in a regular episode. . And it isn't unusual for one of the kids to spontaneously start belting out a song from one of these episodes. This is what had me cracking up yesterday. So I thought I'd share with you the top songs likely to be "performed" spontaneously in this house.

This one gets much love from the kids. We had to drive by Mall of America yesterday and immediately more than one kids started singing this one from How I Met Your Mother. Go, Robin Sparkles!

Another HIMYM song. I wish I could have found a decent clip of the dancing Neil Patrick Harris does. I adore him. This is a popular one to be sung when the oldest has a concert and has to be in a full suit.

We all LOVE Buffy's musicial episode "Once More With Feeling", and all the songs get sung around here, but this one is the one that will make me giggle when out of the blue my 9 year old starts singing it.

And what kid wouldn't love belting out a song about "poo". *sigh* Thank you, Scrubs.

Another Scrubs gem. Ah, Turk and JD and their guy love. This was the one in particular last night that the oldest kid was singing with motions and everything that had me nearly falling out of my chair.

And I'm adding the next one, even though it isn't an original to the show song. Mostly because the kids will sing it (Along with the "dance), and honestly, whose day isn't brighter when we can watch a little Dean. Rowr.

And there you have it. Hope you enjoyed. Now I have to go do some real work. *humming*

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