Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Since Halloween always makes me think of scary things, I figured I'd do a list today on that subject.
Five things that Scare Me
1) Spiders - Anyone who knows me isn't surprised this is first on the list. Yes, I know logically they are probably more scared of me than I am of them, but I also know, deep down, they are evil incarnate and are coming after me.
2) Rollercoasters - Basically heights. It's really sad that all my kids love going to the amusement park and I can't bring myself to go on a coaster. Seriously, my nine year old has more balls than I do. 

3) Certain movies - Not just horror flicks either. I don't care for those, but I'm not afraid Jason or Freddy is coming for me. The movies that really get me are like the ones based on true stories, true crimes. They freak me out because I know that kind of evil is really out there. If I could wrap my family and loved ones in bubble wrap and keep it all out...I totally would.

4) Failure - Who isn't, right?
5) Drowning while trapped inside something (like a car) - Seriously. I have nightmares about this. I'm not afraid of water. I love to swim and everything, but I hate driving over bridges etc. The thought of being trapped... *shakes head* Nope, not going to think about it. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...


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