Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Write, write, write....

...is what's on my agenda for the foreseeable future. Not incredibly exciting but there it is. LOL I've some deadlines creeping up, and while I'm completely on track to meet said deadlines, I know how easily I can be to get sidetracked. (Oooooh, SQUIRREL!) Luckily, I have some rocking friends who are always will to kick me in the posterior should I need it...some with steel-toed boots! :-O

I've been joining in on a Twitter #WordWar with a couple of fabulous authors - Brynn Paulin, Bronwyn Green, Mia Watts, Jennifer Armintrout...and whoever else wants to jump on in. The deal is to write for 45 minutes (quarter after the hour until the next hour) then take a 15-minute break...then do it all over again. I've found I'm very productive when I have to actually report my word count each round. LOL Feel free to come on over and check out the exchange between all of us. We're always good for a few laughs...particularly someone who delights in being inappropriate....though I won't name names. ;-) You can follow me and join in the fun! The "war" is usually on M-F, 10-2ish (EST). :)

And, of course, the fabulous Devon Rhodes regularly taps into my competitive streak - and we battle it out in the evenings. Whoever gets the most words written in an hour wins the round. Since we write at a similar pace, it's usually a close call. :-D

So I'm very lucky in the company I keep as they keep me motivated to churn out as many words as I can. :-)

Now, I'm off to get more words written and get this book done!

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