Friday, February 25, 2011

Chaos ensues...

*hands head in shame*
It's been way too long since I blogged. :( I wish I can say it's because I was in the "zone" and writing like crazy. Alas, reality isn't that awesome. LOL

It's just been crazy in the Jarman house lately. The hubs managed to fall and break his hand. *shakes head* Not merely falling on the ice in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. No, he was at a scouting event with our youngest munchkin and playing Capture the Chicken (Capture the Flag but using a rubber chicken. LOL). He was going for the chicken and hit some ice and fell. I would like to add at this point, our child was more than happy to tag him and trot his father on to jail. LOL So they came home, and his hand was very very swollen and looking nasty. After several hours, he finally went to the ER and they confirmed yup, broken bone. I did have to chuckle because he apparently "stumped" the orthopedic surgeon, who couldn't figure out how he broke that particular bone in such a manner. LOL Pure talent, let me tell you.

This was the perfect time, of course, for a huge snow storm to hit us. Thank goodness for the teen-aged boy in the house, who did the majority of the shoveling, since his dad really couldn't. We got hit with nearly 2 ft of snow and it was a pain.

Other than that, it's just been regular stuff that's been keeping me running around. Parent-teacher conferences, keeping up with laundry and feeding kids that are never full. LOL And just feeling pooped in general. I actually fell asleep sitting up on the couch the other day, and I soooo don't do that. :-D

While the stuff that keeps me busy is important, I needed the reminder to put writing back on the priority list, so I pulled up the screensaver I made for Gwen, and after staring at him for a while, I got the message. *ggg*

 So now, I'm off to write, and kick some word count booty. :)


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