Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's been one of those weeks...

I've been writing, just not as much as I'd planned. Things have just been getting in the way - things well beyond my control and that needed my attention. Nothing horrible or anything, just important. *shrug* Good news is I've been squeezing writing time in whenever I can. Even better news? Today is all writing. I've gotten through a particularly tough scene already, and the end of the book is well in sight. WOOOT

Another happy moment for me was getting the cover for Coming Home, aka 10YOM, which will be releasing soon from Resplendence Publishing. Here it is, along with the blurb:

Coming home for Gabe Monroe isn’t a joyous occasion. He returns to say goodbye to his father, and he stays to honor his father’s final request—take care of the family. He’s completely unprepared for the attraction he feels for his sister’s best friend and blames his grief when he gives in to it. Gabe tries to put things right. Kate is practically family, and he promised his father he’d take care of her.  However, Gabe is pretty sure taking Kate hard and fast against any ready surface wasn’t what his dad had in mind.

Kate Pearson thought she was over her childhood crush on Gabe, but his return has all those feelings rushing back. Add in the toe-curling, mind-blowing sex…and Kate is well on her way beyond just a crush. Despite his constant meddling and insistence that they need to keep things platonic, he makes her tremble with desire and yearn for forever with him.

Even as Gabe begins to accept their blossoming relationship, Kate's past casts a shadow over their future as they realize he isn't the only one who’s come home.

*happy dance*

Now, I need to get back to this manuscript and get writing!

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