Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plans? I got'em!

Okay, I said I'd post resolutions for the year. Though I'm calling them my plans. Silly I know, but in my head resolutions are wishy-washy things you SAY you're going to do at the beginning of the year and then never think of until the following year--and beat yourself up because you didn't accomplish them. LOL

So here is my list of 10 "plans" for 2011. :) And you SO have permission to call me out on ANY of these!

  1. Finish 10YOM (10 Year Old Manuscript) and submit it! I'm soooo close.
  2. Write EVERY DAY. No excuses. I don't even care if it's 100 words. I find if I do this, I stay on track (and usually write more than 100 words!), but if I let myself slack off, it snowballs. Then it's been days, or eek, weeks since I've written. None of that in 2011. :-D
  3. Blog regularly. I've been doing better the last couple weeks, but I can soooo do better. 
  4. Attend at least one conference. hehe this is an easy one since I've already registered for Authors After Dark. Though maybe I can even fit in another one. 
  5. Move more. I'm not going to say "lose weight" or put a number on this. I just need to move my rear end more. Being a writer, I sit in front of a computer many hours a day. I need to get up and move. 
  6. Start treating writing as a career, instead of something I squeeze in when I have time. Because, really, how can I expect others to take my writing seriously, if I don't show that I do. 
  7. Learn to say "no". I'll admit, this one gives me hives. LOL I think it fits in with taking my writing seriously. I tend to give in and help someone out even though I really do need to sit down and write. This one is going to take some work, but I'm a determined woman. 
  8. Be more social. I think writing itself is an isolating profession, but hey, we are in 2011, and there is plenty out there to keep in contact with readers, other authors, etc. We have facebook (ahem, and not to dink around on games like cityville :-/ ), twitter, blogs, etc.
  9. Be more organized. This applies to writing things, but also around the house. The clutter drives me nuts and I find it hard to focus. I won't bore you with my decluttering plan, but I have one. LOLOL
  10. Remember to take time and appreciate what I have. Let's face it, I have a pretty darned good life. Yes, I'm busy, and things tend to be unpredictable and crazy. BUT I have a wonderful husband who supports what I do. I have four beautiful kids. I'm lucky enough to be able to pursue a career I love. I need to remember that more!
So there you have it. My list. Anyone else make resolutions/goals/plans for 2011? What are they?



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  2. I have not made "plans" as of yet...I'm still thinking of what I want to put on my permanent list but I know that I want to do more posts on my blog, read more and also learn to say no...
    Thanks for the post!

  3. Hi Maria,
    It took me a while to make my list, believe me. I wanted to keep it realistic but something to strive for too. Good luck with your plans and thanks for stopping by!