Friday, January 7, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about motivation this week. I've talked with writing buddies about it, rolled it around in my head. Let me be honest here. I love to write. It's all I've ever wanted to do. Yet, I find myself NOT writing as often as I should/could.

Of course, sometimes there are valid things that keep me from writing. I have four kids. They come first. Always. No question. So when they are sick or just need some Momma time, writing gets set aside. That's life. I've set aside writing to spend time with my hubby. Heck, I figure I'm spending the rest of my life with him, he needs some face time! LOL

But there are things that are just time sucks. Like Facebook games. *facepalm* OMG, what is wrong with me that I play those stupid games? I mean, if I spent as much time writing as I do on building my city/town... Well, let's just say I'd probably be done with this blasted book already.

Then there is the sudden urge to clean. Yes, clean. *sigh* I should be writing, but omg, that load of laundry needs to be switched RIGHT NOW! The kitchen counters need to be wiped. The floors so need to be vacuumed, and it must happen this very moment. Well, you get the point.

I really don't know why I do this, because as I said, I love writing. And I'm thinking about the book, the characters, the plot as I do these other things. So instead of trying to figure out the why of it, I'm just determined to beat it.

I've found one thing that definitely helps - tapping into my competitive nature. Last night, Devon Rhodes and I had a little word count competition: See who could write more words in an hour. We did two one-hour competitions. She won the first time; I got it the second time. The nice thing is we seem to write at similar paces so it is definitely a close finish and makes things interesting. :-D I guess I need to make more "dates" with Dev. LOLOL

I also know I need to change my attitude about writing in general. I wrote a bit about this in my 2011 Plans post. I have to look at it as a career and give it priority. Gwen Cease and I were talking about this tonight and she has the same issue. So I sent her a little pressie--a pic for her desktop background--and I'm going to share it with you. Because, well, it's just too hot not to share.
He's so intense and stern, and looks like he means business, doesn't he? Le sigh.
Drooling aside *wipes chin* the sentiment is something I need to take to heart. And on that note, I have to get back to this book before turning in for the night.



  1. I can be easily distracted as well, though not by housework. Mostly.

    My biggies come in the form of tantalizing books by authors I love, there for the clicking. Ack! I go on reading kicks, knowing, KNOWING I should be writing (or doing the EDJ), but I can't help myself.

    Oh, and yeah, sorry about going to bed last night. Oops. It was an accident, really.

    Our WC contests rocked, I have a huge, latent competitive streak, and it really kept me on-task knowing I'd have to report my WC, when if I'd been writing along, getting snagged would have probably had me calling a halt altogether instead of muscling through it.

    BTW, I know it was for Gwen, but I snagged the background for my Devon profile. :)

  2. @Dev - I hear ya about reading kicks...I do that too.
    No worries about last night. You needed a night off. I would've just kicked your tail anyway. *buffs nails* LOL j/k

    Glad you liked the background--feel free to use it!

  3. He is currently staring at me sternly from my laptop background and he's sooooooo fierce. *fanning* Hopefully, I don't just sit and stare at him. One more thing to distract me. LOL

    love ya girl and thanks, Gwen

  4. I think that it's easy for everyone to get distracted easily. There are so many things going on in any given moment that it happens- I find myself staring off into space at work

    I think it's a good thing to look at your writting as a career- helps to keep you focused and also gives you a goal. I have one writer friend whose critique group has a minimum word goal of 200 words a day- no matter what or when...just 200 words...she often finds that once she gets started it's hard to stop: