Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On Vacation...Woohooo

I've been on vacation the last couple days. The day after Christmas I got on a plane (so won't go into the drama of the airport security which resulted in my missing my first flight--I want that to be distant memory!) and I headed to Louisville for a few days with my bud, Gwendolyn Cease.

OMG we've been having so much fun. The funny thing is we haven't been doing much of anything. Really. I got to sleep in each morning--what a treat! We've hit Starbucks a few times, had DELICIOUS Gigi's cupcakes. Serious sugar rush that was so worth it. But mostly we've just been having out, visiting and writing. It's been serioulsy awesome.

Sadly, I'm leaving tomorrow. :( The family is picking me up from the airport, and I don't even get to go home. LOL We are immediately driving to the UP of MI to see my parents and sister for New Year's weekend. If I could have arranged to fly to the UP instead of hours on an airplane followed by hours in the car, I would have, but *sigh* can't be helped. I am looking forward to the time with family, though. :) Then it's back home in 2011 and back to the routine of school and activities and all that.

Now, I'm off to hang out with Gwen, maybe fit some more writing in before I have to go to sleep--because it's an EARLY flight. *groan*


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