Monday, August 30, 2010

ODE-ious Monday

Tomorrow is our 14th wedding anniversary, so I thought it fitting that today's ode would be to that special man...

Ode to my Husband

I know how lucky I am.
Even when I am my crabbiest, my lowest,
I know how lucky I am to have you.

The man who makes me laugh,
who can make my heart skip a beat
even after 14 years.

The man who gets me,
who supports me even when my ideas
are crazy at best.

The man who sees the real me,
who holds me when things get tough,
but knows when to step back.

The man who supports me,
who cheers me on even if my dreams
seem lofty and out of reach.

I couldn't do without you.
Each day with you by my side
is that much brighter.

Love ya, baby. Happy anniversary.


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