Friday, September 10, 2010

Next Up...

So I'm settling into the fall routine. The kiddos are adjusting better than me. *sigh*

What's happening here? Well after way too long with one computer (desktop and laptop both died, leaving only my netbook :-0 ), we are back up to three. Thanks to my freaking awesome brother in law. YAY!

I have been writing. Which is always a good thing. LOL I'm currently working on polishing up two erotic contemporaries to send to my editor. They are coming along very, very well. I'm also plotting a new vampire series *rubs hands together* It's going to be very fun...and hot. Can't forget hot. :-D

The third book in my series Into the Shadows will be releasing from TEB in December. It's called Tease Me, Please Me, and is Seth's story. Oh he was fun to write, albeit a bit angsty. Still, he managed to make me laugh often and I just love him. Here's the blurb:

Seth Feeney has a mission. Put an end to the Rogue vampire who turned him against his will and ruined his life. Nothing will deter hm from that mission, not death and certainly not a red-headed vampire who makes his blood race.
Brielle has a mission as well. Track down Seth Feeney and make sure he doesn't get his fool-headed self killed. She and her partner are seasoned operatives fro the Triumvirate. Tracking a vamp who'd been changed for little over a year should be a walk in the park. Should be. Brielle didn't count on just how skilled Seth is, newly turned or not. nor did she count on her reaction to him when she does get close enough to stop him.
As Seth gets closer to his target, can Brielle convince him to accept her help in taking the Rogue down? What's more, can she show him his life isn't over, that life with her can be more rewarding than anything he would have had as a human?

I'll share more as the release comes closer, of course. :)
Now, back to writing for me. Have a great weekend, everyone.


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