Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writing, Travelling, and a new kitchen

First, I must YAY here--my kitchen is done. Has been for a little bit, but still super excited about it. I have new counters, refaced cabinets, new island, and *drumroll* a dishwashers. Wooohooo Right now, loading the dishwasher is a novelty, and as my 7 yr old DS says while doing it, "This is much fun." LOL

I'm writing like mad, finishing up the latest Fey story and thinking ahead to the vamp story that's percolating.

I'll be traveling this weekend--sans DH and kids. A very rare thing and I plan to enjoy it. My "baby" sister is graduating from college so I'm headed to attend the ceremony. We'll go up as a family over Memorial Day for the party with relatives etc, but I'm so happy to be going to share this with my sis and to get a wee break. :)

Now I have to get back to writing, or Devon R will kick my tail--she already busted me on facebook earlier today when I should have been writing. LOL


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