Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gorgeous & Sunny

LiSpring has finally arrived here in the frozen tundra...aka Minnesota. LOL Actually it hasn't been THAT bad. It's just been a yo-yo thing--it's nice for a day or two then it would get cold and icky. Though who knows, we may end up back to the cold over the weekend. It is definitely possible.

I'm finished with work for the day and have been sitting outside for the last half hour or so just soaking up the rays and enjoying the day. Now, after I feed the brood, I need to write. No excuses. I just need to do it. The book I'm currently working on is so close to finish it's maddening.

The week hasn't been the greatest as far as writing. Had a bunch of doc and dentist appointments for myself and the kids. Poor oldest daughter had to have 2 teeth pulled--baby teeth, but still. It went fairly well. The actual tooth extraction was lickety split. It was the waiting for her to get numbed up. The dentist had to try twice to get one side numb enough. She did so good--what a trooper she is!

But I have absolutely no excuses not to finish this book this weekend. Yes, we have some things going on--with four kids, there's no getting around that--but I have the time to sit and finish this.

Hope everyone is well and gearing up for a great weekend!

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