Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleepy...and Sleepless

Blah. Insomnia strikes again. LOL

I just can't sleep. It's quite pitiful, actually. Typically if I can't sleep, I do something around the house--clean or whatever. Usually that helps--whether it tires me more or clears my mind, I don't know. But tonight I am just too darned tired to get up and do something. hehehe

So I'm on the computer. I actually got a lot of stuff done on here. Got my files cleaned up and even wrote a bit. We'll see how much I like what I wrote after I get a few zzz's in. At this moment, though, I'm happy with the words I got in. LOL

I'm working on a short right now--a menage. It's going well. It gave me some headaches in the beginning. The two heroes are friends, best friends, in fact, but they were not cooperating. Finally I stopped fighting them. And surprise, it started to flow. Damned me. :-)

The other manuscript I'm working on is the next in my Fey series. That isn't giving me any trouble. Leilen, my hero, has been bugging me to have his story told for a while, so he's very chatty. Although some of the secondary characters in this story are trying to grab my attention. I keep telling them it's not their turn yet. Funny, they're not so patient. ;-)

I'm so excited about this series--there are a lot of fun things coming up for my Faeries and I can't wait to share them with others. :)

Okay, it's time to try to go horizontal for a couple hours. Keep your fingers crossed for me. LOL


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