Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good day

Wooohoooo, heat wave in Minnesota! It was lovely today, and the snow's melting. :) We're supposed to stay in the high thirties for a couple days--I just don't know how I'll handle that after all the subzeroes. :)

Today was great. My neice and nephew visited, and I don't get to see them nearly enough. My brother and I only live a little less than 2 hours apart, but with all of our kids, it's tough to find time to visit. I was so happy they came and snapped a gazillion pictures. My mom sees them less than I do, so pictures were a must. Plus my girls and my neice are the only granddaughters so we just had to take a girl pic. :)

To make everything even sweeter, the hubby took all the kids shopping. You just know that birthday money is burning a hole in the oldest kiddo's pocket. hehe So I am the peace and quiet. *content sigh*

I'm taking the easy (aka lazy me) route for dinner and just popping in some frozen pizzas. The kids will love it. LOL Then, I'm holing myself in my room and writing. I'm *this close* to finishing the menage story. If I can get a few solid, uninterrupted hours of writing in, it'll be done, done, done. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. :)


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  1. More pictures? I wanna see! :)

    It was 58 degrees here yesterday. It was absolutely freaking AMAZING. Tomorrow I will cry. It's supposed to snow all day. :(