Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching up...

...on sleep. LOL After being sleep deprived while the kids were sick and then having the lovely bout of insomnia, last night I slept like the dead. You have to understand, I'm not one of those people who fall asleep easily (though my husband belongs to that club). No, I lay there thinking about things. About the things I need to accomplish the next day, whether around the house or for work, or both. :) About the story I'm currently working on. About everything! It takes a while for my brain to slow down and realize it's time for sleep.

Last night, omg, my head hit the pillow and next thing I knew the alarm was going off and the kids were getting ready for school. LOLOL And I felt semi-normal today. I think once I get another good night's sleep, I'll be back to normal. Tonight will be another in bed by midnight occasion. Quite shocking. :)

Good news, all are healthy in the house and doing great. Bad news (okay not BAD, but oy vey), we're having people over next weekend for a b-day party for the kiddo and his cousin. That part isn't the bad part, the part that has me groaning. No, it's the getting the house clean. Now, my house isn't trashed by any means. It's been worse, let me tell you. However, it's definitely not company clean. And I have to get it company clean. Not because of anyone else. Goodness knows every single one of the family would understand if the house was messy or a bit cluttered, but *I* couldn't stand it. I'm just weird that way.

So on the to-do list this week: Clean house. *whimper*

Night, all.

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