Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweet, sweet silence

Oh sweet relief. All the kids are sleeping. Whew. With the sickies, there's been some rough nights. Well, after tonight's round of medication, all the kiddos are tucked in and sleeping peacefully.

I'll probably do something I don't normally do...I'll be in bed before midnight. LOL I'm just finishing up some emails now and am in "line" to chat with a Comcast rep (don't ask...having Comcastic email problems) and once I'm finished with that, it's horizontal time for me. Yay.

My goals for the rest of the week are to keep up with tasks for the day job and to get some words in. I don't care if it's only 500/day--I need to get some words in. Period.

On another note, I'm having issues with the fact my oldest is turning 12 on Friday--when the heck did that happen??? And seriously the kid grew like a foot in the last month. Okay, maybe not a foot, but the top of his head is now in line with my eyebrows. He's going to pass me up pretty soon and I'm sooo not okay with that! ;-) I'm sure Friday I'll be sentimental so watch out!


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