Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Looking up...sort of

Well, the oldest kiddo is back in school and doing well, but my youngest daughter is sick now. Icky cold and she's asthmatic as well. Not as severe as her brother's, but it takes her longer to get over a virus. :( Add to that, she developed an ear infection. I'm hoping the antibiotics kick in soon because the poor thing is miserable, particularly at night. And she's a mama's girl, so when she's sick, she is glue to my side. Not that I mind, but it makes it difficult to get things done.

So...not a lot of writing happening. Little bits here and there. I'm focusing on the kids, of course, and trying to stay on track with the day job. I'm managing so far. :) Luckily tonight, it is a low key evening--no activities to get to, nowhere we need to be. So I'm hunkering down with the laptop and getting to work.

Later. :)

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