Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Warning--Slight Rant Below

Okay, I am a bit tired and will freely admit I may have overreacted to the situation, but omg was I p.o.'d.

So, it's not secret the kiddos have been sick. Oldest is doing fabulous. I touched base with his school nurse and she said he's doing wonderful and is back in gym and all that jazz. Nice. Well the 8 year old daughter is doing better. Her ear is still bothering her, but she only started the antibiotic yesterday so I have a feeling once the second dose is in her, it'll turn around quickly. We're doing neb treatments with her and she is definitely improving. BUT I decided to keep her home today. For a couple reasons. First, because I wanted to give her an extra day to kick the cough that seems to hang on forever and ever. Second, her ear still hurts and she had a rough night. Third, I knew if I sent her and she was coughing, I'd end up with a call from the school nurse and have to pick her up. (I know from experience from when the oldest attended that elem. school).

I called her school nurse to give her an update on what's going on. With two asthmatic kids who, when they flare up, miss quite a bit of school (even when it's well managed, one flare up could cause them to miss an entire week), I make it a habit to personally touch base with the nurse to let her know what's what. Anyway, she starts giving me this crap about since the kiddo has missed X number of days of school, a doctor's note is needed. Since when? Now, keep in mind, my kids have been going to this school for 6 years. I've NEVER be REQUIRED to send a doc's note...ever.

She tells me that a note is required because "some families let there kids stay home for any reason even if they're not sick." Okay, I got pissed. I do not keep my kids home unless they are sick. Hello, I work from home. WHY would I do that? LOL I asked her "Are you implying that is what I'm doing?" I must have *ahem* used my mean voice because she backtracked really quick and said, of course not, but it's policy because of that. I told her I thought it was ridiculous, but I would have the doc fax a note. To be honest I had to get off the phone. I was so close to losing it that I didn't want to say something I'd regret.

Why was I so p.o.'d about the whole thing? Because this is the same school nurse who last year, when the oldest was still at that school, I had to fight to keep him in school. He had a cough that was hanging on and, even though he was fine (and I had a note from the doc saying he could return to school--not contaigious, etc), when I would send him to school, she would call me and say he needed to come home. At that point he has missed (or had been sent home early) 10 days of school--2 full weeks! It ended with a phone call with the principal to fight to KEEP him in school. But now to keep my daughter home I have to jump through hoops?? Hello. That makes no sense at all.

*end rant*

*sigh* So that is my moment of insanity today. I will, now, tell you how much I lurve the nurse at the middle school. The oldest has missed quite a bit of school, but she has been understanding, supportive, etc. I haven't had a single problem with her--and the kiddo is super comfortable with her and has no problem going to her if he is having any breathing problem etc.

Now I am off to give the sweetheart her antibiotic and nebulizer. :)


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