Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gotta Get Some Words In!

It was one of those days that I ran around like crazy but don't feel like I got anything accomplished. Ever have one of those? Drives me insane.

Well, we've all been fighting this nasty cold, so *ahem* the house is looking pretty shabby. So I attempted to clean. I say attempted because it seemed like every time I started something, the phone would ring, I would think of something I had to right then before I forgot, my son (who is home sick) would need to eat, take a medication or need me in some other way. I did a bit of work for the day job (I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home--it makes dealing with sick kids so much easier!), but haven't managed to squeeze in any writing yet. I still have a bit of hope. LOL Though I'll be leaving in a few minutes to do my grocery shopping. LOL

I still plan on opening the WIP and getting something done. Even if it's 11pm before I sit down, I am bound and determined to get some words in today...because I know it'll be another crazy day. My son has a doc's appt and will be home again. Bless his heart, he's bored and ready to go bak to school. If only his body would heal and catch up with his mind. :) So I have a feeling tomorrow evening I'll be thinking the same thing at this point of the evening--"I have to get some words in today!"



  1. LOL - Isn't every day one of those days? My house is downright embarrassing right now.

    If you don't start writing until 11 pm, what time do you go to bed and then get up again???

  2. If I don't start writing again until 11pm...sometimes I write for about an hour. I make myself stick with it that long. Other nights I'll be up until 3am or so. If the story is flowing, I'll look at it's 6am. Those are the times I'll just stay up until the kids go to school. Of course those are my "crabby" days. LOL

    I get up at 7:30 with the kids--luckily they are all morning ppl (I don't know how I gave birth to such beings!) and don't need a whole lot of prodding to get going. Sometimes they're up and going long before I am. I'll admit sometimes I'll go back to bed for a couple hours when they are out the door. The beauty of having all the kids in school all day.