Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coming Soon--Sweet Urges

I thought I'd take a moment and talk about my upcoming release from Total-E-Bound.

I'm thrilled to be a part of the Night of the Senses anthology-"An anthology of sensory delights, packed full of BDSM stories - one story of each sense: sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, and extra-sensory!"

I'm part of a great group of authors--Desiree Holt, Victoria Blisse, Sierra Cartwright, Ashley Ladd, and Kim Dare.

My contribution to the collection is "Sweet Urges", and it's all about the sense of taste. Oh that was fun to write. :) Here is the blurb:

Carly has a mission--seduce her friend, Jace Thomas. For years, she has wanted him. His dominating ways in the bedroom don’t deter here in any way. In fact, she craves discipline and punishment at his hands.

While attracted to Carly, Jace has vowed never to act on that attraction, certain she would want nothing to do with his preferences in the bedroom. When Carly sets out to seduce him, he gives in to temptation, but holds back. His schocked when Carly is furious with him afterwards.

Unsure how to act after their night together, the two friends avoid each other. Can they repair their friendship and go back to the way things were? Will that be enough for Jace and Carly?

Night of the Senses will be available from Total-E-Bound February 23, 2009.


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