Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Randomness: What Motivates Me

Happy Wednesday! 

Today, we're talking about what motivates us. Fairly broad topic, actually, but I decided I'd talk about what motivates me as far as writing is concerned. So here we go... What motivates me to write. 

Surrrounding myself by people who are supportive and understanding. 
There's a reason I listed this one first. It's SO important. I'm incredibly lucky in who I share my life with. My husband is pretty awesome--for many reasons, not the least of which is he is so supportive when it comes to my writing and my career. I'd be in a bad, bad place without him, let me tell you. 

Friends, certainly fall under this, as well. I have some pretty amazing friends. Talking with them--whether on IM, via email or the phone, or in person--is motivating. And none of them are afraid of giving me a kick in the ass when needed (which I'm ashamed to say is all too often)

Conferences and Retreat
Conferences are so much fun. Getting to connect with readers and other authors. Seeing friends, making new ones. There is something about the energy at conferences... Even though I come home exhausted, I'm pumped up too. I'm ready to sit town and WRITE. It's awesome. 

Retreat!!! I'm talking about the fabulous retreat I take every year to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with an amazing bunch of ladies. 
A weeks spent on Lake Superior, great company lots of wine, and WRITING. This year, I wrote over 15K words while there... and we did plenty of other things as well. Being there is so motivating and I get so much done. And like with conferences, I come home just as motivated to KEEP writing. 

Some of this is just to myself, but let's face it, when you have to answer to someone else...that's strong motivation, yeah? While writing my last book, I found sending chapters to friends--Bronwyn and Kris and Gwen--kept me honest and on track. Nothing like getting an email or IM saying, hey, where's the next chapter? :-D 

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like having a reader emailing or tweeting me saying they liked one of my books and/or asking when the next one comes out. That defintiely gets the fingers moving quickly over the keyboard. :) 

Yeah, it's totally self-bribery, no doubt about it. But it works. I make deals with myself. Write for an hour or write 1K words, then I can play on Tumblr and gaze at pics like this...
Come on...THAT'S motivating, yeah? 

Or I can read (usually a filthy fanfic or something) for a half hour or so. But I set a timer so that when my time is up, I get back to writing, working towards the reward. :-D 

And that's it. That's how I'm motivated to keep plugging away and getting the words on the page. Make sure to head on over and see what motivates the other ladies. 

Until next week...


  1. I just mentioned accountability on Bron's blog! :-) The idea of having to report in and say I have no words just doesn't work. Oh and by the way, where are my chapters??? ;-)

  2. OMG, RETREAT!!! YES!!! And conferences, and accountability, and reader mail - these are huge. And dear lord...that picture of Colin Morgan... I need to go play on Tumblr. I mean, write. Yes, write. That's it. No Tumblr, here. No, ma'am. Just writing.