Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Randomness: Best Summer Memories

Happy Wednesday, all! 

I love summer. Seriously LOVE it. Always have. Thinking of my best summer memories... SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! 

When I was little, we lived in Lower Michigan and would go up north to the UP in the summer. Driving 10-12 hours in my parents VW van, listening to classic rock, sleeping while sliding around on the slippery vinyl seat that folded out into a bed...something I'll always think of when thinking of memories of summers past. 

Not Dad & Mom's exact van, but it was like this...

Those summer trips, then summers after we moved to the UP, always, always include time on my lake. Lake Superior. We lived close enough, we could ride our bikes to go swimming in the big lake. I love the water and I didn't care if it was freezing cold, I was jumping in (not the case now that I'm older...brrrrr)

Being born on July 3rd, there was always fireworks on my birthday. When I was a kid, I was convinced (BECAUSE EVERYONE TOLD ME!! LIES!!!) that they were for me and everyone was celebrating my birthday. Even though I now know that it was not all for my fabulousness, the memories of waiting anxiously for the fireworks to start then watching the colorful explosions fill the air, those are among my favorite memories of summer. 

Now, go and see what the other ladies' consider their best summer memories. :) 

Until next week!


  1. Hello, those fireworks are totally for you!! Why else would people fire them off???? Only a few more weeks and we will see each other at AAD! I can't wait! And you know I should have put our camping trip on my favorite memories. Because really the air mattress was totally like sleeping on a cloud

  2. You can tell my neighbors to stop celebrating your birthday anytime now... :D

    I'm SO jealous that you guys had a VW van!!!

  3. I agree... the fireworks are totally for you! Because you're amazing... and hey, if you can't have a bit of fun with your kids… And I love the VW van. Too funny. I have mixed memories of a VW beetle...trips to Niagara Falls... far too many people in one tiny car...