Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday Randomness: 10 Random Things About Moi

Happy Wednesday! This week the girls and are posting 10 random facts about ourselves. Should prove interesting. :) Although I warn you, I wasn't told to come up with 10 interesting things about myself, just 10 random things. LOL

1. My birthday is July 3. As a kid, I was convinced the fireworks for the Fourth were to celebrate MY birthday. And that seemed right and good to my mind. 

2. That makes me a Cancer. 
And I am very much a Cancer. I'm often ruled by emotions and would be a lying liar who lies if I claimed otherwise. I see this as positive most of the time, but I know I have a tendency to be oversensitve and am easily hurt when it comes to people I really care about. 

(And yes, there is endless amusement for those who know what I do and point out that my zodiac symbol is basically a "69" *sigh* )

3. A couple years ago, I would have sworn up and down that I would never write menages or MM. Not because I had an issue with them - I read and enjoyed them - but I didn't feel like I could do it well. And with my fear of failure, I'd rather not try than end up doing something poorly. 

Well, clearly I got past that to a degree. I've written menages and MM scenes, and think they've turned out well. Mostly, it's because the story and characters called for it, and I've been learning to trust that.

4. I have ADD. I was diagnosed as an adult. Though when I look back, I see how it played a part in my early life. Though, I had ways of coping. And all those ways didn't work worth a damn when I had kids. I had to learn new ways. And if things were stressful (and they often were), my ability to focus was gone. I prefer not to take medication for it - totally a personal thing, and I know people whose lives have changed for the better once they started medication for their ADD/ADHD. Me? I just don't like having to take yet another pill, if I can manage without it. 

So I make lists. Lots of lists. The Errands app on my phone is a life saver. And I must admit that my phone will chime at me with a reminder to eat, to get up and stretch, and so on. I also have friends who will ride my ass when I need it. So as of right now, I'm coping fairly well with this. 

5. My favorite place in the world is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
I grew up there, had the requisite teenaged hate of living in a small town and wanting to get out. Now, that I'm out, I do everything I can to get back for a visit. 

6. This year, my husband and I have been together for 20 years. It seems unreal. We've had ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. More in love with the man than ever. He gets me. One hundred percent. He puts up with my insanity and does it with love. And well, he's hot. :-) So, there's that. 

7. I have awesome kids. Seriously. I'm keeping them. Even when the house seems like a sea of hormones - as it often does with 4 teenagers - I KNOW how lucky I am. And the complete awesomeness of them far outweighs the frustrations. 

8. One of the worst decisions I've ever made? Started smoking. It was when the kids were little, I was stressed out, and it happened. I'm still struggling with quitting. It's a disgusting habit, and I don't want to do it. But it is something I turn to when stressed. BUT I'll never quit quitting, and one day, it'll stick. Right? 

9. I don't really care for chocolate. Weird, yeah? I don't know...I don't HATE it. But I could take it or leave it. 

10. I have a habit of randomly singing things. I sing out instructions to the kids, sing to the dog, sing on the phone, sing to myself as I'm writing. This habit isn't appreciated as fully as it could be by those around me. I don't get it. 

Head over and see what the girls have shared about themselves. :) 

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Until next week...


  1. I love that you sing. Makes me feel less alone. ;) The UP is pretty much the best place ever. Also...only 72 Days... :D

  2. I love that your sign is a big 69! That's actually poetically awesome. And really, only 72 days! Yeah us.

  3. Don't be ridiculous, Jess. The fireworks are for MY birthday on the 15th. It's part of an 11 day event culminating in the celebration of my most glorious birth.