Monday, April 22, 2013

Relaxation...I need some!

Doesn't that just look peaceful? 

This time of year is always busy. With four kids and it being the end of the school year, there are lots of concerts, programs, ceremonies to attend. Add in the hubby's busy work schedule and some tight deadlines of my own, "busy" can sometimes seem like an understatement. (and I know many people out there, writers and non-writers alike, who can relate!)

I've made some changes recently to help ease the stress and chaos that is my life. The main one being I've left my day job so I can focus on my family and writing. It is very odd, to say the least, but I'm adjusting and working out new routines and schedules that work better for me and the fam.

I am very much looking forward to the writers retreat I'm going to with a group of friends in June. We started this "tradition" last year and I hope it is something we continue for a long time. We rent a house on the lake for a week and write, hang out, write, have fun, sing karaoke at a local bar, write... :-D It is going to be a wonderfully relaxing time, but also a productive time. I can't wait. 

I'm also planning a girly day after I finish the current book. We're talking mani/pedi, shopping and maybe even some yummy food. I'm going to take my 12yo daughter with and we'll have a blast. She is my girly girl and I absolutely love that. I can always count to help me with her fashion sense and to make my time even more enjoyable. Mom-daughter dates rock. :-D

I'm going to be thinking long and hard about some other things to do to reward myself after I finish a project. Nothing like a little extra motivation to knock the words out. 


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