Friday, March 25, 2011

Rambliness & what my day really looks like. LOL

All I can say is I'm sooooo happy that the kids' spring break has officially started! Most people mistakenly think that spring break, with all the kids hanging at home, would be chaotic and insane. Actually, it's the opposite. Oh, I'm not saying my routine doesn't change, because writing steamy sex scenes when a kid can wander by at any moment puts a bit of a cramp on things. BUT our schedule, as a family, is much crazier when school is in session. None of the kids are over-scheduled - the hubs and I are very adamant about kids being able to just be kids - but with activities for four kids, *I* find myself over-scheduled. LOL

Most of the time, it's a balancing act. My husband is all kinds of awesome and does the early morning running (choir practices etc that meet before school) while I'm still warm in bed. Bless him. And the evening stuff we juggle, and he does more than his fair share of it when I'm on a deadline. And yes, I know how damned lucky I am.

Now, the hubs is out of town for work this week and next. (Though he's coming home tonight - in about 4 hours! Yay!) for the weekend. So I'm happy the kids are on break because I'm on a deadline right now and doing the normal running solo would likely have broken me. LOL

I don't know how some people do it, really. I'm in awe of the authors I know who balance everything with seeming ease...or at least much, much better than I do. I wish I could say a day in my life flows seamlessly, that I get the kids off to school, put on my writing hat and it doesn't come off until the kids get home. At which point, I cook a fabulous gourmet dinner which NO ONE complains about in my spotless kitchen, then put my feet up and relax with the family. :-/

That is quite far from the truth. LOL There's a lot more running around, distractions and harried looks upon my face. I often forget to pull something for dinner out of the freezer, resulting in quickly thrown together meals. LOL But for the most part it works and I'll keep working on the balancing act of it all. Because even through the craziness I know I'm lucky as all get out to be doing what I love every day.

I know other authors struggle with the juggling too - even the ones who, on the outside, look like they have it all together in a perfect routine. Heck, not just authors... I think everyone, to some degree, have to work at balancing their lives. Whether it's family, work, school, etc. I know I'm always looking for news ways to make it all work, because let's face it, what worked last year, or even last month, may not work for the situation we find ourselves in today.

Okay, I'm need to get of and feed the kids, who are starving and clearly wasting away. And yes, I did forget to pull something from the freezer today. LOL

So I'll leave you with a question. What do you do to balance everything going on in your life? Are you a scheduler, list maker, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-through-the-day-er?


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