Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Do You Say With the First Lines of Your Book.

I saw this over at Dev's blog, and looked like a fun idea.

The plan is to list the first lines of your last ten books and draw some conclusions.

I think it's every writer's goal to draw readers in from line one. It was interesting to go back and look at the first lines. I kinda broke the rules and put more than just the first line with some of them. LOL

So here are the first lines from my books:

Darcy Phillips stared at the canvas before her, gnawing on her bottom lip. Finished. Finally finished. ~The Boy Next Door

Death stared Kaelen in the eye and promised to be long and painful. ~Fate's Song

Neiva, Princess of Fey, wandered through the gardens surrounding the royal residence. She didn’t know where her friends had gone. Off flirting with boys, no doubt. ~Waters of Fate

Ciarra walked through the shadows of the forest, running her hand along the rough bark of trees, over shrubs that tickled her palm. ~Shadows of Fate

Fenlon stared down at the body, shock coursing through him. Death was thick in the air, suffocating his senses and turning his stomach. Well, shit. This made his job a whole lot harder. ~Lust Me, Trust Me

They will all die. Jaecar stared at the crimson words on the wall. The scent of blood hung heavy in the air, and he struggled against the nausea swamping his system. ~Have Me, Hold Me

Brielle stood in the centre of the small, dingy motel room, frustration radiating off her in waves. Damn it, he was always one step ahead of them. ~Tease Me, Please Me

“Wow, he’s hotter than I remember.” ~All or Nothing

Oh shit, she couldn’t breathe. ~Sweet Urges

Motherf--kers! Did they really think they could outrun him? ~Current WIP

That was interesting! LOL I actually thought I started more with dialogue. I think it's because it's usually a snippet of dialogue or an entire conversation in my head that is the seed to each story. So when I think of each book, it's usually that dialogue that comes to mind.

Okay, I need to actually go write some new words now. :-D

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