Friday, June 4, 2010

Ode to My Wrist

Oh, why dost thou betray me so?
Was it the hours of typing whilst on deadline?
Was it swinging the bat with the kids at the lake?
Was it the two tons of groceries hauled in the house?

I wrap you lovingly, and bath you in ice.
Will the ache be relieved? Will the pain diminish?
Will my tender attention and care be enough?
It must be, because I can promise,
all the above WILL happen again.


  1. My wrist hates me too. Did the exercises and wraps help?

  2. Yes! The excercises hurt like h*ll when I first did them, but afterwards the relief to the wrists was amazing. And the wraps...much better than the brace of doom. So thank you sweetie! You save me some pain!