Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ode-ious Monday

Well, this past week hasn't been the greatest. Had the ickies and was horizontal much of the time. Today, I'm feeling semi-normal and am back into the swing of things. The day job was the focus today, much to poor Seth's dismay. He'll just have to deal though, becaue the job is going to get much of my focus this week, since we have our family camping trip the weekend of the Fourth and I can't really bring work with me.

Those who know me are well aware of my feelings about camping. I admit, I usually end up having a good time, but camping in general isn't my thing. There's the sleeping on the ground (or air mattress which I insist on, but it still isn't my comfy bed), the bugs, the heat and humidy, the bugs, cooking on a fire (which I don't do well), the bugs, the lack of showers, the bugs, the scarcity of flushing toilets, and did I mention the bugs? Seriously, I don't do bugs...for proof, see this post.

As I said, in all likelihood, I'll come back and be able to tell you what a great time I had with my family, but you never know. LOL

I'm going to hit the mattress now. I'm super tired and have an early day tomorrow. I'll leave you with this ode... With all the poetry makin' going on in the house, I have odes coming out my ears and I figure it's only fair to share with everyone. :-)

I remember the excitement, the anticipation.
Squirming at my desk as the teacher rambled on,
I counted down the days, the hours, the minutes
until you arrived.

The long days, the sun beating down, the late nights.
Oh, I enjoyed it all, loved it, lived it with abandon.
The beach, the bonfires, the fireworks are all still
so fresh in my mind.

I smile as my kids now look forward to your charm,
laugh as they chant, "No more pencils, no more books..."
They cross off each square on the calendar boldly,
anxious for the fun to start.

I'm happy for them, knowing the memories they'll have,
but for me, you've lost your luster, your appeal.
Oh the sun still beats down, and the days are long, the nights late,
but in such a different way now.

How many times will I hear, "Mooooom..." followed by
such silliness as "He's looking at me", "She took my *fill in the blank*",
"Can I have money?" "Do I have to?" Or my personal favorite,
"She's breathing my air!"

There will be good times in the days to come,
great even. I know this very well. The memories will
bring a smile to my face, and some day, I'll yearn for these years,
wonder where the time went.

But today, I am weak, selfish. I look at the calendar,
and again count the days, the hours, the minutes.
Two weeks of summer vacation have passed...
Only eleven more to go.

Night all!

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