Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Holy crap... This week has been I-N-S-A-N-E. The day job is busy, busy, busy. I've been trying to keep the house in order (a completely impossible task, it seems), and we're prepping for a long weekend of camping starting Friday. Color me thrilled. :-

I have lists coming out of my ears - I'm big on lists. List of meals for each day, list of things needed from store, list of things to pack, list of things that need to be accomplished before we leave. It's overwhelming, but the lists help. At least I think they do. Helps me put it all in perspective.

Not a ton of writing has happened... Okay, I'll be brutally honest: No writing has happened the last week or so. And I don't like it. No. One. Bit. Mostly it's been out of my control. Work has to be done (whether for the day job or at home - the kids want to eat every day for some reason. Go figure). Limited computer/online time as some wicked storms have rolled through. Two weekends ago nearly 30 tornados touched down southwest (I think...I'm directionally challenged); here, we just had major rain and weird/scary looking skies. Last weekend was worse for us. Massive rain fall - our road was flooded, water in the basement, branches down etc. Could have been worse though. I know this. I think of those who lost their homes and everything they own in the tornados/storms, and I'm grateful all we suffered was lose of electrical stuff for a while and a bit of mess to clean up.

So I'm trying not to be pissy about the not writing...but I am. LOL I said, trying. It's hard not to be bothered by it. I love writing; it's my passion. And having to put it on hold sucks. But this will pass. And I plan on writing this weekend. Granted, it'll be long hand as I'm not taking computers campings, but sometimes writing in a notebook sparks something. In fact, when I'm 'blocked', I'll often grab a notebook and pen and things start to flow. I'm not going to question that - it just works for me. LOLOL

Gotta run. More to do. Everyone, have a great night!


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