Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad, bad Blogger Jess

I am such a bad blogger. It's been a crazy crazy little while here. Things are settling down a bit, and I'm getting back on a schedule. Who would've ever thought I'd do better on a schedule. I've always been a flexible, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of girl--is this a sign of my getting older?

Anyhoo--spring has sprung here in Minnesota. The grass is getting green, pollens are in the air...this means much sniffling and sneezing in the house. Thank goodness for Zyrtec!

Not much has been happening here. Working the day job, running kids to and fro, trying to fit some time in with the hubs. And yes, trying to fit in some writing time, darn it! I've busted butt on day-job projects during the week here, so my weekend is free for writing. I need to finish this next Fey story. My ever-sweet, patient editor is waiting for it. *blows kisses her way* It's coming, I promise!

One thing I'm excited about--my dad is coming to work on my kitchen. Yay. You have no clue how thrilled I am for this. We moved into this house almost 2 years ago. The kitchen/dining room is decent size, but has no dishwasher. Really, it wasn't on the make-or-break list when we were considering house. But with 4 kids, a dishwasher will sure be nice. So that's on the list for the remodel. Plus he's going to put in an island. *happy sigh* I know it'll make a hectic week while he's here (he's coming from Michigan to do it!), keeping the kids out of his way, cooking not being so easy to do, etc. But it will sooooooo be worth it. I can't wait.

So, I'll leave you with a little glimpse into the next Fey book:

Leilen has been tasked by his King to go to the Dark Realm to make sure the traitor, Darrick, is where he is supposed to be. The Dark Realm is a hellish place, where people are banished to suffer for their ill deeds. Leilen is ready to get there, complete his duty, and get back to the Fey Realm as quickly as possible.

As one of the Keepers of the Dark Realm, Ciarra sees the beauty of the world in which she resides, although most everyone else tries to block its existence from their minds. She knows Leilen is coming--she dreams of him...with him. For the Fey that means one thing, they are true-mated--halves of the same whole. There's just one problem...they aren't the only ones in the dreams. Ciarra finds pleasure in slumber at the hands of two men. But that cannot be. Who has ever heard of *three* Fey mated? Is it even possible?

All righty, that is a very rough, rough blurb. I need to fine tune it a bit, but it's the gist of the story anyway.

Okay, off to bed, I go.
Night all. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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