Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming along...coming along

Mr. Seth's story is chugging along. Gotta love that.

I've been challenged by the lovely Devon Rhodes to have him finished before the new year. That's 2 weeks... I can do that. I SO can do that. LOL I, of course, had to return the challenge--that she finish her current work in progress in the same time frame.

I love having writer friends--those souls who understand me. Devon totally gets that I needed that challenge right now, that deadline to focus on. Even with the holidays it's a perfectly doable challenge, but if left to my own devices, I'd have put it off, found other things to do--things that perhaps needed to be done, but not right at that moment. LOL Well, now, we are checking in daily with each other to make sure we are on track. Definitely what I needed right now.

On the Christmas front--almost done with my shopping. I have to finish shopping for one kid, figure out a small gift for my dad and sister, then I'm done. Whew. This year, we're traveling to my parents for Christmas. Normally we do Christmas Eve in town here at my in-laws, Christmas morning with the kids opening gifts, THEN make the long trek to my parents for a few days--usually spending New Years with them. This will be the first time in 10 years we've done Christmas Eve and Day with my family and I'm so excited. Excited enough not to dread the 7 hour drive. I'll get some good writing done during that 7 hours, I'm sure. :)

So I'm off for some much needed sleep. Once again the alarm is going to be going off way too early. Darn it.

Night, all!

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