Monday, July 6, 2009

No sleep, but lots of words

I could not sleep for anything last night. Don't know why, but it was not fun. LOL Bright side, I pulled out a notebook and started writing. Didn't feel like staring at the computer screen so I wrote long-hand. Sometimes that's what works for me, what gets the words flowing. I don't know for sure how many words I ended up writing, but I have 20 handwritten pages. We'll see how much that translates into when I type it all in.

The youngest son is off to day camp this week. He didn't want to do a "sleepover" camp, so I'll be dropping him off each morning and picking him up each afternoon. I think it'll be really good for him though. All too often he's hanging out with older kids (his sibs), so being with kids his own age will be great. Already when I dropped him off, he had become fast friends with a little boy who shared his birthday. LOL

Don't know how much I'll accomplish today, but I'm bound and determined to get more writing done. The laundry is nearly done--thank you, hubby!--but I do need to get it all put away and tackled the *gasp* bathrooms. Ick, ick, ick. But it needs to be done, in a big way!

Hope everyone's having a wonderful Monday. :)


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