Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm outnumbered


LOL I'm working on a vamp short right now--it's part of a series. And wouldn't you know it, the hero in the one I'm working on is clammed up tighter than tight, while the secondary characters (who will eventually get their own stories) are talking up a storm. And there is not an ounce of patience between them.

To be honest I wasn't expecting this to be a series. I'd originally written the first story for Total-E-Bound's Bite Me! collection (Lust Me, Trust Me, which is Fenlon and Sarah's story). Well I just had to write the story of Fenlon's partner, Jaecar. He was just so fun. That's the story I'm currently working on. The whole thing blossomed into something much more. I fell in love with this young man who showed up in their lives--how could I not write his story eventually? Then we met other vampires who worked with Fenlon and Jaecar, and they started talking... and well you get the picture.

That's the beauty of what I do. I never know where I'll be lead, who'll I'll be introduced to next. :)

So for right now, I'm hanging on and enjoying the ride...


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