Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh for the love of caffeine

I'll admit it...I couldn't survive without caffeine. I've tried to give it up or at least reduce my dependence on it. It hasn't been successful.

Lately, I might as well open a vein and have a caffeine IV. The oldest kiddo has been sick and home all week. He's asthmatic and we all had a nasty cold. Well, it hit him hard...real hard. Poor thing has been coughing day and night. Which means I've been up most nights. Now I've been known to pull an all-nighter occasionally and I have always been a night person--never in bed before 12-1am (unless I'm sick). But the last several nights haven't been productive nights up. We've been doing breathing treatments and medications etc. And, even though the kiddo is going to be 12 in *gasp* a week, he doesn't want Mom doing other things when he's feeling sick. So we've been doing alot of reading, talking, etc. together when he's been unable to sleep. I don't mind really. I mean, it's my job as Mom, but as a result I'm behind on everything. So the weekend will be spend catching up.

Oh and he is doing soooo much better today. I have high hopes that he'll actually get a good night sleep tonight--oh I hope for his sake. The poor thing is exhausted.

So the love affair with caffeine continues and shows no signs of quitting any time soon. :)


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