Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Randomness: To Write, I Need...

Happy, happy Wednesday! This week, the ladies and I are talking about what we *need* to write.

So, there are the basics, yeah? And that is really just two things for me.
  1. Something to write on - Computer or even a notebook and pen. 
  2. Some kind of caffeinated beverage. And yes, this is a NEED at this point in my life. 
I'm easy, okay? 

Now, there are things I prefer to have when I write and that make it a much more productive process. Those would include: 
  1. My comfy chair and ottoman. But I can write pretty much anywhere. On a couch, at the table, on a bed, on the floor, in a box, with a fox...
  2. A quiet, calming, relaxed atmosphere. I couldn't even type that without laughing because that would be fabulous but hasn't happened around this gal for like seventeen years. And there is no signs of that changing anytime soon. So I settle instead for...
  3. Music via earbuds to drown out the chaos that is the Jarman household. I have playlists now that fit the mood of the books I'm currently working on.
  4. Access to friends - by phone, email, texting, IMing. I don't care how but I need to be able to touch base with my buddies. Either to help me through a freakout (I wish I could say they are a rare occurance, but...), help me through an issue with the book, or just to talk and give me a much-needed break. And I am here to return that favor for them any time they need it. 
  5. Internet - Of course I could write without it, but I don't want to and it would make things so much more difficult. Having information at my Of course, it can also get me into trouble.
Hello, distracting Merthur fanfic....

And that does it. :) 

Be sure to check out what the rest of the Wednesday ladies need to write. :) 

Until next week!


  1. In a box with a fox made me snort. As did that gif of Bradley. :D

    Also...why aren't you on IM right now!?!?!? ;)

  2. Ooh I should have put Google on my list... I love the Google. :)

  3. The internet is my nemesis too, Jenny. I will start out to look for "one thing" and then kiss of death I haven't written anything in an hour or so. I do totally agree with IM since that's when I get most of my writing done is when Jess and I are chatting. :-)

  4. Shit... I forgot the iMessage thing and the distractions... oh Internet you mock me so....