Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Randomness: Celebrity Crushes

Happy Wednesday, everyone. This week's topic is Celebrity Crushes. And writing this blog post, dear readers, has brought to light a problem I have. I have no shortage of celebrity crushes, and I love gorgeous men (and a couple women as well.) I had to limit my post to twenty. Yes, TWENTY.

So I won't ramble any more; I'll just get to the pretties... In no particular order...

Andrew Lee Potts - First "met" him as Conner in Primeval and the geeky character won my heart. And just look at him! He's adorable. 

Gerald Butler - Loving the scruff in this pic.

Chris Pine - Cutie. Loved him as Kirk. Permission to come aboard, Sir? Please?

Chris Hemsworth - I like to look at him. A lot. 

Richard Armitage - Sexy bastard. No need to say more. 

Felicia Day - One of the few girl-crushes I have. Beautiful. 

Nathan Fillion - Adore this man. JUST LOVE

Colin O'Donoghue - I could have chosen a number of pics of this man. But, c'mon, sexy Hook tied up... Mmm hmmmm...

Colin Firth - Colin Firth, people, COLIN FIRTH!! As MR. DARCY??? Of course he makes the list!

Jensen Ackles - My favorite Winchester brother (sorry, Sam), and...just...LOOK AT HIM. :D

Kit Harington - A definite reason I don't miss an episode of Game of Thrones. "You know nothing, Jon Snow..." :-D

David Tennant - Talented, gorgeous... Ten is my doctor and that won't ever change.

Tom Hiddleston - Cute as hell and seems like he's a sweetheart. Winning combo.

Benedict Cumberbatch - I LOVE him as Sherlock and had a huge crush on him from way back, but as Khan in Star Trek..... dayum.

Eoin Macken - He's sexy, sexy, sexy. 

Katie McGrath - Not much to say, but she is mesmerizing. Absolutely gorgeous. 

Hugh Dancy - I adore him. I watch Hannibal and just want to cuddle up Will Graham and make it aaaaaall okay.

Norman Reedus - What can I say? If the world ends, can I have Daryl Dixon as my companion?

Bradley James - Ah, Bradley... No surprise, right? He's beautiful. Le sigh.

Colin Morgan - He's at the top of my crush list and I know this surprises NO ONE. For that reason, feast your eyes on a couple of Colin pics.... ROWR

And there you have it. 

Go check out who the other ladies are crushing on. :-) 

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Until next week!


  1. I used to think Gerry Butler was super hot, but then I saw him go on a late night talk show in a black suit and white tennis shoes and I was like, "Nahhhhh."

  2. Oh dear, I'm glad I didn't see that. I mean, if you aren't going to wear dress shoes with a suit, at least wear Chucks a la Tennant. But...wait...come to think of it, I don't know if Gerry could pull that off like Ten can.

  3. How did I miss Gerald Butler... and I love love love Andrew on Primeval. With the long hair of course. And again, sorry, Sam is by far, HOTTER. You folks are just unfortunately disillusioned.

  4. Clearly, I need to check out Primeval... That ovaries .gif of Colin Morgan kills me every time! :D Also, Hook tied up? I'm in. Where do I sign up for that?

    1. Maybe after Merlin Club, we can do Primeval. :-D

  5. How did I forget Nathan Fillion? And Richard Armitage too. I so should have taken suggestions for my list.

  6. Omg Eoin Macken <3 *dies*