Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Randomness: I Can't Live Without...

Happy Wednesday! We have a couple of ladies joining Bron, Leigh and me on our Wednesday Randomness posts. Welcome Kellie and Tess! So glad you're here. :-D

So this week, we decide to list five things we can't live without. So here it goes...

1. Family & Friends - To be honest, I wasn't going to mention people at all, and keep this limited solely to things. Mostly because I have a lot of wonderful people in my life and to list them all would be impossible someone would get left out inadvertently (because I have a sieve for a brain), and when I finally realized the error, I'd feel horrible and guilty and wallow in it.

That being said, I just had to list this first, keeping it general and not naming names. Why did I have to list this? Well, I've been reminded over and over again lately just how awesome the people around me are. I have tremendous support from those in my life. I'm so lucky I can hardly believe it. Specifically, my husband is just...well, let's just say I don't know what I'd do without him. (And I didn't say his name so I'm sticking with my no naming names rule!) He's been traveling a lot for work lately and this results in a couple things. First, I'm so grateful for the help and support from family and friends as I single parent it with four kids. Second, even when he's a half a world away, he's the only one that can really calm my neurotic ass down. And he does it, without hesitation, even though he's off working insane hours in a foreign country. For example, I was stressing about something last night, just worked up, and once I'd talked to him - a handful of words while he was in between meetings - and I was able to relax and actually sleep.

So yeah, I'm incredibly blessed with the people who are in my life and I damned well know it!

2. Caffeine - I'm not particularly picky here. Coffee or pop, either will do. I need the caffeine. I've always had trouble sleeping, so as a woman who has a lot to do, I need to be able to function. Caffeine is my crutch, plain and simple. I realize that this is a bad cycle because I consume huge amounts of caffeine, which then affects my sleep, then I need more caffeine, and so on and so on. It's a problem, and  I should probably cut back. Really really should. And I hope someday I can. But today is not that day. *glug glug*

3. My phone - Yeah, I'd be lost without it. I use it ALL the time. To check email and listen to music, My to do lists are all on there. I don't even wear a watch; my phone IS my watch. And it's how I'm available all the time for my kids. With three teenagers and one preteen, our schedule are insane. So checking in is done by text or phone call a lot of the times. Also, when I forget to pick up a kid (which has happened an embarrassing number of times) because I'm running with another or something, I can be contacted immediately. And speaking off, the regularly scheduled pick ups or drop offs? All scheduled in my phone to ding with reminders. Yeah, definitely be lost without my phone.

4. Internet - Seems silly but OMG, when my internet was down I thought I was going to go insane. INSANE!! Everything I do is online, almost! My family - mom, dad, siblings - live hundreds of miles away. Most of my friends live hundreds of miles away (AND I met most of them...yep, you guessed it, ONLINE). And yes, I can - and do - call and talk to them, but honestly the internet is what keeps us connected. Whether it's email, IM, playing Words with Friends with my mom and sister, FaceTiming or Skyping with the hubby when he's out of town, or using it for work/research, the internet is definitely my friend and a HUGE part of my every day life. It keeps me connected.

5. Tumblr - Okay, if forced to, like during a zombie apocalypse, of course I could live without Tumblr. But, guys, this is my happy place, I'm not ashamed to say. I can fangirl like crazy and just not think about stuff. It's total escape for me, and sometimes, I just need that.

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Until next week! :-)


  1. I'm imagining you running for your life from zombies, finding a good place to rest and checking Tumblr - not that the internet would be up during the Apocalypse, but in my head it is. :D If it's not, how would I talk to you!?!?!?!?

  2. Caffeine? Check!

    Calming husband? Check!

  3. @Bron We wouldn't need internet. Because when the zombie apocalypse comes, we are going to journey our asses up to the UP and live on Lake Superior. Water on one side, smaller's a good place, don't you think? We'll come up with our emergency plan in detail this summer. It really should be done.

    @Tess LOL Yes, those two things...essential.

  4. Let's be honest, I feel the same way about the internet. I do love it for staying connected, but the research capabilities make it priceless to me (yes I'm a huge nerd). I love the ability to have instant answers at my fingertips.