Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting back on track

Honestly, the first half of the year was completely nuts. Writing took a major backseat to some other stuff going on in my life. *shrug* Nothing could've been done to prevent it, and I did what I had to do. Such is life.

BUT... I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. WOOT. I'm back to writing regularly - the kids being back in school plays a huge part in that LOL

I recently had a short, Alone with Liam, release with Resplendence. I'll post a short excerpt from that this week, so stay tuned.

I have another book coming out with Resplendence. The first in my Loving Series entitled Her Way. I ADORE this story and hope you will fall in love with the characters like I did. Especially sexy Will, the hero. Yummy.

I just submitted a Christmas short, and am waiting to hear on it. *biting nails* It never gets any easier. I still get so nervous when submitting. Don't think I'll ever get over that. :-D

Now, I'm just figuring out what to work on next. I'm thinking it'll be paranormal, since the last four books I've finished have been contemporaries. So the choices are vampire, witches, menage, faeries...or any combination thereof. LOL

Maybe I should sleep on it. See what is "talking" to me tomorrow.  *yawn* Yep, I think that's what I'll do.

Night all!

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