Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pity Party...for one

The last couple weeks were toughies. I managed to hurt my hips and lower back. Now, I've had problems with them before (after a car accident and well, 4 kids!), but not this bad. Made me realize how much I took simple things for granted. Thing is you use your hips for everything--sitting, standing, lying down... There was much pain. :( But I'm better. Still some pain and staying in one position for any length of time isn't an option, but I'm able to move, so I'll take it.

On the writing front, working hard on Kate and Gabe (still to be titled erotic contemporary) aka 10YOM. I'm loving it. And though I'd hoped to be done with it by now...I'm cutting myself a little slack and pushing forward.

I'm blown away how the time is flying. Can't believe it's mid-October already. The holiday season is sneaking up on us. We'll be heading to the UP of Michigan at some point to visit my family. I'm a tad sad we didn't get up there to see the brilliance of fall, but that's okay. I'm pondering what other trips to take soon. I want to go visit the fabulous Gwen Cease before the year ends. And I'm hoping, hoping, hoping to do some kind of UP trip--maybe next year?--and convince my separated-at-birth buddy, Bronwyn Green, that she needs to come along as well as some others. :D I mean what could be better than time spent with author friends who really *get* you?

Now, I'm off to get some work done before the brood returns from school... Wish me luck!


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